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Voter alert!

Yeah, I know...it's crazy, it's silly, but demmitall, it's FUN! We're back in the Hello Most Attractive Man Poll, this time, in the weekly. And we're up against puppy again...err...Orli. ^_^

And because I've currently become completely immersed in the Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar MMORPG (Online Role-Play Game), I am TOTALLY feeling the Boromir Love and yep, that's a good enough reason for me to post some Boromir Goodness. ♥ ♥ ♥ And I find it very amusing that they're showing Fellowship this weekend on top of it. I tell ya, it's meant to be. So inside/behind the cut, one of my all time favorite GUH-worthy, knicker-changing, hormone-flarin, utter-sex-walkin Boromir pics. Feel free to add your own to the post. There can never be too much Boromir. *le sigh* (If anyone wants to join me in Middle-earth, lemme know! I'd LOVE to have a bunch of Beanies in there with me. :D)

By all means, put your hands on him to make him...bigger. *wibbles*

ETA: For you voters out there...the hello poll has gone alpha-numeric on each vote (it's called a captcha). This is NOT case sensitive, so don't worry about that, and if you can't figure out a character, just refresh and it'll let you vote again if you get it wrong. No worrying about having to wait 15min before trying again.
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