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Aloha, first time post

I've been just responding to posts on here but I am still very very shy on posting something myself.  I love all the pictures that have been shared on this community and I think it's really wonderful that there are so many awesome fans on here!  This is unlike other fangroups I've seen and it's really refreshing to find such a community!  So thanks everyone for being so awesome!  And many thanks to govi20 for your help with pictures from "Outlaw" I really appreciated the help!  And not to mention your pics from "The Hitcher" really made my night. :D

It's hard to say what my favorite Sean Bean movie is because I have seen so many but I think the three roles I won't readily forget is Andy McNab from "Bravo Two Zero", Alec Trevelyan from "Goldeneye", and of course Col Richard Sharpe.  

I might note that I tend to talk a lot about movies and characters so if it gets too much just tell me to hush. :)

I also love taking screencaps and have unlimited patience to getting the right shot so if there's anything I can help donate to the community please let me know.

But, for my first donation heh I'll share my favorite Goldeneye pic:

There's something about that e-vil smirk he has that is just captivating.  He really does make bad look good... even ruthless killers for him still looks sexy.  :D

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