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Some Stormy Monday to make us smile

Heh just as I promised for jamiesdream, who has a headache.  I hope this helps take your mind off of the pain!  The movie did have some truly awwww moments in it and given the cliche/cheesy romance in it I actually really enjoyed this movie.  The combination of Tommy Lee Jones, Sting, and Sean Bean was very interesting yet Sting and Sean Bean were able to get along and not make it seem too far-fetched.  I was just glad though that Tommy Lee Jones and Sean Bean didn't share that much screentime simply because it was just odd... I mean, we saw the birth of Jason Locke in Sean's eyes during that last scene there.  I think Melanie Griffith's character was really Mary-sue and well, her head-on collision with Sean Bean was hilarious but made me cringe.  I loved Sean's little grin though after she ran into him.  He's so adorable.  Um, I think there's a bare-buttocks scene but I don't think I capped it I was on a mission.

For a little preview before the cut:

He's awesome... gotta love the pyrotechnics that car really went up.  

She asked him if she could just lay there.  Heh I would have asked for that too.

Wow London really does have magnificent views for the morning. :D

He's so adorable here!!

Heh they can now start calling him 006.

Now there's the death look... better watch out Tommy Lee Jones. :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed those!


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