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Yo ho...yo ho...a pirate's life for me!

Well ladies (and any gents), as you can see, it's that time again. Time to prove that yes, we are still most definitely a force with which to be reckoned! Time to come together as a fandom and have some fun, maybe cause a lil mischief along the way.

The Hello Most Attractive Man of the Month is on and we're up against PotC - Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Multiple pics behind the cut (all at 500p wide, so they won't sprawl you too badly, but dial-uppers may take a bit to see them all).

Now see here, Sharpe. There's a bit of trouble brewing at one of our ports. Seems our allies are having a bit of trouble with some so-called pirates.

And what am I supposed to do, sir? I'm a soldier, sir, not a pirate.

Don't be foolish, Richard! You're the best pirate we have. And you're going to be the best pirate they have.

And how am I to do that, sir?

It's all taken care of, my boy. Sergeant Harper will accompany you, as I'm sure he would find a way regardless, so I've set him up as well, though of more...humble means. A change of clothes will be waiting for you. Good luck, Richard.

** Interlude - Over the hills... **

Ahhh, good clean sea air. Will do you good, sir.

It's not a bloody holiday, Harper.

Indeed sir. But I plan on makin the best of it. Been on a boat, have you, sir? Seems Hogan was keen on you being able to pass as a proper pirate.

Aye, Pat. I know my way around a ship.

*sensing bad memories* Well sir, you'll cheer up proper when you see what I've got for you. Never seen anythin like it in all my days.

** Arrival at Port **


Now sir, t'aint that bad. It's rather...stylish, so it is.

I feel like a bloody fool, Harper!

Aw sir, but the ladies will love it. Told me so, they did. Seemed right fond of the boots.

They are nice boots...wait, What are the ladies doin here?

Well sir, seems they've been a bit restless of late, so they have. In need of a good fight. Heard them mention somethin bout Davy Jones' Locker and some great beast from the depths.

Bloody hell, it'll be a bloodbath!

Aye sir. Indeed sir. Seems they're pretty excited about it. Rum, sir?

They're more like guidelines...: If you haven't voted since the Annual, things have changed a bit. There's a new alphanumeric code to input with every vote (it's called a captcha). No, there's no way around it, so the best bet is simply to vote every 15min. It's not case sensitive, so don't worry about that. As veteran voters know, the Hello Polls are some of the most corrupt in fandom (and some of the most fun and challenging) and the captcha is Hello's attempt to fix that.

What I do suggest you do is refresh the voting page every time before you vote. The captcha has a tendency to get 'hung up' and you may actually get the same captcha as you did the last time you voted, in which case, the vote will NOT go through. If that happens, it will show text above the pics saying something to the effect that you can only vote every so often and there will not be a vote button under the pics. If you input the wrong captcha, refresh and try again. Trust me, there will be times you would SWEAR up one side and down the other that you put it in correctly, but it didn't take. So just try until it goes through. If you have problems, drop me a line. :) Happy voting!

And remember, this is the longest of their polls...lasts a month and will end on June 29th (last weekday of the month). So get your kitchen timers, java timers, java timers with wav/mp3 capability (those are nice...get to hear Sharpe every 15min), hell, get yourself an hourglass, and have fun voting! ^_^

A few Harper specific caps courtesy of The Harper Defence League.
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