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OK... Sean has made the gossip papers again, I bet he's delighted. This time it's about him and his "alleged" new gf Sienna Miller. Even if it was true, I don't see why people get all worked up about it, I mean really..

But read these articles, and see just how serious to take this kind of thing.

August 15, 2007
SURELY sexy SIENNA MILLER should have learnt from past mistakes of mixing business with pleasure.,,4-2007370653,00.html

This morning papers spoke about Sean and Gina broke up after that hotel fight in Los Angeles and Sienna being his "new love". 

I mean really, he showed up cuddling and kissing Gina 11/2 week ago.. 

And another one..

Sienna Miller has been forced to dodge rumors she is dating yet another co-star. This time rumors are swirling that she is hooking up with Sean Bean.


But I hear the Alfie actress has fallen head-over-heels for yet another co-star.

I can reveal Sienna and fellow The Edge Of Love actor MATTHEW RHYS are officially an item.

They have managed to keep a lid on their blossoming relationship for months — until now.

Mutual pal KEIRA KNIGHTLEY encouraged the romance after the three went out to dinner back in May.

And the gorgeous couple started dating after Sienna finished her fling with rock star/model JAMIE BURKE.

Scathing rumours that Jamie had broken up with Sienna because she was dating rapper P DIDDY were way off the mark.

And the blonde actress has finally admitted to close friends that she only has eyes for Matthew.

The Welshman, who is starring in Channel 4 show Brothers And Sisters, is Sienna’s first serious boyfriend since she split up with JUDE LAW in 2006.

She met her former fiancé Jude on the set of Alfie.

But the relationship was doomed after he had an affair with his children’s nanny. So Sienna had a fling with her Layer Cake co-star — and Jude’s best pal — current James Bond DANIEL CRAIG.

Is it just me or is there a bit of a pattern forming here?

A pal said: “This is the first bloke Sienna has been serious with since she finally split with Jude.

“These vicious allegations of her being with Diddy and splitting up his relationship with Kim Porter are awful. But they have actually worked in her and Matthew’s favour a bit.

“It has taken the heat off their relationship because people have been looking for a spark between her and Diddy.


Apparently cooking him up an intimate beef stew feast back at her West London pad.

A source told London Lite: ‘She is completely mesmerized by Bean already.

‘She has told friends that she can’t help feeling transfixed by his green eyes and loves the fact he is a real macho man.’

But the actress’s publicist today downplayed any romantic connection, insisting the rumors were ‘categorically untrue.’


Just to get back to business, this is what we like to drool about, and that's all we need as far as I am concerned.



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