aka 'Nenya' (boz4pm) wrote in bean_daily,
aka 'Nenya'

All hail the bare-chested Bean!

Because I could not NOT share this piece of deliciousness with my fellow Bean-lusters...

I was looking for smexy pics of various males a friend of mine thinks are hawt by way of congratulating her on getting into the university of her choice when I ran, slap-bang, into this picture of our beloved Bean looking unbelievably hawt.

*drools and fans self*

Out of interest - where is this pic from? Is it a Sharpe pic or something else? It's Caravaggio. I was easily foxed by the trousers... (heck, who am I kidding? I saw sweaty, half-nekkid Bean and my brain went into meltdown) ¬¬

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