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Sean's Birthday Project


I know a LOT of you love to make Sean artwork and inspired poems and such and just, anything about Sean and I would looooove it if you could take a look at this and possibly join up!

2008 Sean Bean Online Birthday Project

Ever since this last year I missed Sean's birthday because of school and busywork, I vowed I would do a birthday project celebrating him by all of his fans. It depends on everyone to make it successful and I hope we can!

What I plan to do is compile a real scrapbook filled with everything, fan made and birthday wishes into it. It really doesn't matter what you make, even if it's a picture of it or a scanned handwritten letter or whatnot, it's all going to be part of something big and special. It's starting today (4 Sept) and probably will last until early - middle January (allowing time to print, compile, shipping time and of course those Holidays ;)) so you've got a bit of time to think things over.

This is nothing official, but it's nothing silly either. I really hope this works out because I know Sean will love it and probably hasn't gotten anything quite like it before ;)

Thanks for reading this!

xoxo Kari
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