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Far North at the London Film Festival


Well I am back from London. The best part of all was meeting up with friends like mooms and several others, and finally meeting people I just knew from the internet like the lovely moonlustie. 

If you want to see more pictures, come visit my journal :

We had a great day with picking everyone up from trains and tube. We ate wonderful cake at Leicester Square, had a nice drink and then we headed for the Odeon. It was a sad thing Sean never showed up, but perhaps it was a wise thing too : it would have been tough to walk between a group of Mighty Beaners.. !


Asif Kapadia and some of his co-workers were there. He’s a lovely man, and gave a very nice introduction to the film.  (picture taken by sheepyshop)


Then the film.. I must honestly say I loved every minute of it. Kapadia did a splendid job, filming the bleak stillness of the Artic, and both Michelle’s were great in their parts. It’s a magnificent landscape, and combined with the haunting music it was quite amazing.


I so much hope the film will be picked up by distributors, as I want to see it again. In fact I wanted to go the next day again, but it was sold out. I was flying back on Thursday, so I wasn’t able to go to the third – and extra screening – either, but I would have loved too !


Sean ? I think this is the film we’ve been waiting for, the one that gives Sean the opportunity to really act, instead of doing another baddie (which he of course does rather well). I was delighted to see him in a part like this, and enjoyed his subtle acting, playing out the two women against each other.


By the end we got not only the SA, but also briefly the Full Monty, but as I was watching his face, his reaction to what happened (it would be a spoiler to tell!) I just saw a glimpse. I could barely restrain from rising up and shouting ‘ Can we see that again please ?’ Sadly, I will have to wait for the DVD...


Afterwards, there was a Question and Answer with Asif Kapadi., which was very interesting.


We ended up in a nice Italian restaurant, and that was great, even though I must say I felt still a bit dazed by the film. I can’t wait to see it again !


Thanks to all the lovely ladies I got to meet, it was fantastic and I had such a wonderful time !

Finally : this is what mooms gave me : if |Sean ever visits The Netherlands I will be able to feed him !





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