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Sharpe's Peril

Farrell & HkLettuce - two of my forum members had an interview with Alejandro Andrade. Alejandro won a director's contest , and now as a reward he will be the director for The Making Of Sharpe's Peril.

Read all about it under the cut + a beautiful Sharpie pic to make this post legal.

Hello Fellow Sharpe Fans,

We’ve all been dreaming lately of flying to India and being there with Sean and Daragh as they film the newest installment of the Sharpe series - Sharpe’s Peril? Would you believe Farrell and Hklettuce got to do the next best thing - talking to the new director of “The Making of Sharpe’s Peril”, Yuglo contest winner, Alejandro Andrade. Alejandro is right now in India with Sean and Peril’s cast and crew. Now you too can share in the adventure by clicking on the link below and reading our interview with Alejandro.

Keep coming back and checking the Website as Alejandro’s adventure continues, including his video blogs from Yuglo.
We want as many people as possible to visit our website and share this adventure with us. Tell your friends about it, post it on other forums, share it with the world…(but please give us credit if you do!

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