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Mod's Post - NEWS !

After moderating the bean_daily   comm for more than 5 years mythicdove   just let me know she will leave LJ and delete her journal. I have been co-mod for a bit more than a year now, and from this moment on I will run things on my own.

Now what I want most is to have a new layout, I think we can use one. Question : is there anyone who can help me out and make a nice Bean layout ? I am not skilled enough in CSS,so I would appreciate someone doing it for us ! I've changed the account to a paid one beginning this year, so there should be enough options to make a nice one.

Pictures of Da Bean you can find on my website in the picture galleries : The Mighty Bean, so that should not be a problem either.

If anyone is willing, please let me know !

Last but not least : Thank you so much mythicdove  for all your hard work over the years !

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