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Still as Sharpe as ever, 15 years on

Still as Sharpe as ever, 15 years on

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Last updated 09:01, Saturday, 08 November 2008

SO THAT'S where he's been...

Sharpe's Peril: Sean Bean is back, this time in India

Sean Bean was never better than when as the gruff, bluff, rough-edged northerner, he was performing his heroics to slay enemies, win battles and rescue damsels in deep distress.

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Shape is back – in India – to set ladies hearts aflutter with his particular style of swashbuckling defence of good against evil. Oh and there's some energised action for the guys too.

You'd think Mr Bean might have been past it all a bit by now – 15 years since his first series, there'd be no shame in that – but not even remotely. Still a leader of men, a champion for women and a glowering all-action 19th century James Bond, he fills his sweaty uniform every bit as well as Daniel Craig does his tuxedo.

Sharpe's Peril (ITV) – marvellous escapism for the miserably credit crunched.

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