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SPOILERS: Sharpe's Peril part 2 - quick reactionary commentary

Whoa... what's there to say? Except brava to Sean and Daragh and the cast and crew for a bit of fun all 'round!

As I noted in part 1 - Sharpe's Peril has more the feel and atmosphere of the Sharpe films we've come to know and love. Again while Sharpe's Challenge was fun in the end it somehow seemed 'lacking' and Sharpe's Peril fills that gap.

Sharpe of course succeeding against impossible odds - rescues the girl (not only from the danger but from her own vitrolic nature), learns a thing or two about his own prejudices, happily relying upon the natives and the rag-tag crew that backs him and of course counting on Patrick Harper to help save the day.

We got Sharpe whumpage in a few nice servings - nothing of course that would incapacitate him from leading the troops - and a bit of comfort (never gets enough of that in my view *eg*). We got sword fights, guns and rifles blazing (even a bit of rifle training), canon and good old fashioned fights. We got the loss of good men, the redeeming of the nearly wretched, the saving of women and of course the fitting end of those dastardly villains. Do love Sharpe reciting the chorus to 'Over the hills and far away' - fitting and heartwrenching at the same time. Hell - I think I might even like Simmerson... a bit at least *vbg*.

Were there plot holes? Well a few - at least large enough to run a cavalry through - but in the end we'll forgive it because it's Sharpe afterall. And Sean and Daragh seemed to actually enjoy themselves more in this adventure. Sean in particular looked really good and damn why or why can't the wardrobe department be persuaded to tailor Colonel Sharpe's calvary trousers as tightly as we recall they were in his early adventures? You can definitely see that Sean is still whippet thin (a description from one of the many interviews/articles done for Peril) - time to do a bit of screencapping. *EG*

Can't wait to actually see the behind-the-scenes stuff that's supposed to be available on the dvd release. In the meanwhile I think I'll go back and relish a bit of ruff once again.

one final look at our heroes riding off towards....
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