Govi (govi20) wrote in bean_daily,

Sean Bean in CA$H !!

Sean has the leading role in CA$H, a movie that was shot in 2007 in Chicago, and will be releazed somewhere in Autumn 2009. I've been in touch with the people behind this movie and have some inside information to share, of course together with some great pictures.

This film will be awesome; what I've seen so far looks great. There will be a very special website for this film; at the moment they are working very hard on it, but to give you a sneak peak on it there will be great goodies like;

- Wallpapers
- Buddy Icons
- Screen Savers
- Gallery of the movie...
- And some other cool fun things...

Will let you know when the website is up, which will probably coming weekend!

They have started a fanpage on Facebook here which you can friend to read some background and keep on the news. The film wil have a worldwide release!

If you want to know more about the film, have a look at the CA$H section of The Mighty Bean here

Click thumbs for full sized pictures under the cut!

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