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See you, The Compleat Sean Bean!

...I don't know what to say right now: one moment I was over the top about the Empire award Vigbean meeting, then I found out that The Compleat Sean Bean was closed at this very moment:

"All good things must sometimes come to an end.
... ...
But it's time for me to pass the torch.
... ...
After 14 years, I no longer have the energy, or the time, to give The Compleat the attention it deserves."

though hopefully:
"The website isn't going to go dark. It will stay as a presence on the internet, an archive of all of Sean's work as of the date of this message."

The Compleat Sean Bean is where I've learnt all about Sean Bean since the first time I wanted to know who Sean Bean is and what he has done. It's been the most reliable resource about Sean's works and news. I thought it would ever go on but as Winona said, good things sometimes have to come to an end and I understand that. So all I want to say is Thank you, Winona! With your work that people like me have indeed got the answer to "Who's Sean Bean?". Thank you once more!~~

the Compeat Sean Bean the compeat sean bean  the banner of the compleat Sean Bean                                                                                             © 1995-2009 by Winona Kent
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