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Reflections: Fifty Days of Sean--

(Posted with the kind permission of govi20.)

Who says a birthday celebration has to end the day it starts?

Banner courtesy the lovely brodeurbunny30.

Welcome to Reflections: Fifty Days of Sean, a celebration of Sean Bean's half-century milestone, and of his community of fans!

The concept is a simple one. The celebration runs 50 days in total, from April 17th (Sean's birthday) to June 5th. Participants sign up for one or more days, and on their particular day(s), they make a Sean-themed public post to their own LJ or the sons_of_gondor community (before 11pm Mountain Time).

Signups run from March 30th to April 16th, and you can find the signup post, FAQ and list of available dates here.

This is the sort of celebration that can be as elaborate or simple as each participant wants; the main idea is to have fun participating, not create more work. "Old" content of any kind is as welcome as new content, and everyone is invited to join in -- you don't have to be an artist or writer to throw a little glitter and blow out a couple candles. ^_~

We do hope you'll join us in celebrating Sean's milestone and the talented pool of his fans!

Please, feel free to spread the word. The more, the merrier!

And because no post at bean_daily would be complete without pictures of the gentleman in question, how about Sean with a couple canines?

Click through for larger.
Sean Bean & Melita (Malta Rescue Dog)

Sean Bean & Alsatian

(Btw, I'm always on the lookout for more Sean-with-dogs pictures, if there are any out there. Or, really, any LotR-cast-with-animals. ^_~)
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