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Film Challenge! - mod post

The film challenge for June has brought up some really wonderful stuff and have a look at the pretty prize banners and icons the participants did win: here

So why don't you join in? See the challenges for July right below!


Here it is, the brand new film challenge for July! Write fics, poetry, draw, make graphics, whatever you like!, All June participants; Thank you, your well deserved banners and icons are up now!

Read all about the challenge and the rules here

You can post whenever you like, just remember the last day to post will be July 31, the new challenge will be up on the first day of August..

Here are the five films for the month of July. The films are clickable links and will bring you to a page on The Mighty Bean website, where you will find a synopsis of the film, pictures, sometimes trailers, articles and trivia to help you on your way.

1. Goldeneye
2. The Hitcher
3. Lady Chatterley
4. The Fifteen Streets
5. The Island

We hope these films will inspire you to write, draw, make graphics, write poetry etc.; we are very much looking forward to your submissions!

Good luck!

Your mods,

mooms and govi20

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