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Sean Bean regular at trendy Newcastle store

ACTOR Sean Bean is becoming a regular at a North store.

The Sharpe star headed to Newcastle’s upmarket Edo menswear shop to bag himself some new shirts and a jacket.

It is the second time he has visited the boutique in Jesmond, and owner Ian Fairley says he has now been asked to make him a shooting jacket.

The screen legend from Sheffield was snapped by another customer as he left the store.

Mr Fairley only found out about the celebrity visit when he was e-mailed the photo.

He was not working that day, and the part-time assistant who helped Mr Bean with his purchases did not recognise him because of his new look beard and floppy hair.

“I was a bit disappointed I wasn’t there when he came in,” said Mr Fairley. “Apparently he has had the beard for a few months because all the parts he has been playing have been horse-back, sword-fighting scenes.”

The Lord of the Rings pin-up spent around £800 on clothes.

He first discovered the store last year via the internet, when he ordered a suit.

“He comes up here quite often because he is such a big football fan, he will go to anything football related,” said Mr Fairley. “It doesn’t have to be about Sheffield United, he just loves football.

“He is a good fun, straight-forward kind of guy.”

And Mr Fairley is looking forward to meeting the London-based star again soon.

“He is going to have a shooting jacket done shortly,” he said. “Not that he goes shooting, but I have done quite a few for people to wear with jeans. I am probably going to go down to London to see him for that.”

Mr Bean is not the first celebrity to be dressed by Edo.

Footballers Alan Thompson, Lee Clark and Alan West are among the store’s customers.

Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics has also shopped there.

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