Govi (govi20) wrote in bean_daily,

Mod´s post

I don´t often make mod´s posts, but on this first day of the year I felt it was necessary.  From several sources pictures of Sean and his now ex-wife Georgina meeting have surfaced and I am sure pretty soon they´ll be all across the internet. Obviously, these pictures were taken by a malicious person.  The pictures are overstepping a line in my opinion and I don´t want to see the pictures or the link posted here on bean_daily  . If anyone wants to see them it will be an easy find, I am sure. I feel for both of them and things will be hard enough without fans interfering.

It´s not like I am expecting anyone to post about it, but it seemed better to say on forehand that I will take it down when posted. I hope you´ll all agree with me.
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