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A Silly thing just to wish Sean A HAPPY BIRTHDAY

The talented beautiful Sean
sexy in lace, rags or green-uniform,
From his green-golden eyes
to his strong muscley thighs,
He makes us glad the day he was born.

He plays evil villains so well,
We'd follow to Heaven, or Hell.
But oh, when he kisses
The World's heartbeat misses !
We're completely under his spell!

In a crewcut, a mullet or wig,
Shaved or scruffy, the nose a bit big,
but it does compliment jaw,
and oh, so MUCH more ....!
(and he's a gorgeous Matey called 'VIG')

From his long bony toes to his round blondish crown,
He's wondrous with dark scowl, or frown,
His 'lowered-lids' glance
spears our hearts like a lance ....
But THAT LAUGH - makes the mountains fall down !!

So - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to our dearest Sean.
52 years ago you were born.
We worship and praise
How you gladden our days,
As You, our Sun, come up DAILY each morn !!!!

by A. Fangirl (aged 16 going on 86-1/2)

Idea borrowed from 'E.J.THRIBB, poet (aged 17-1/2)
Private Eye Magazine, UK.

Pic just to make it "legal' drools;

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