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Greetings from France !

Hello to all of you, members of Bean_daily !
I am jssilvereye, whole new member of the comm, and here is a little about myself :

Several years ago, I watched my very first film with Sean in it. Guess what ? It was GoldenEye.
I immediately loved his character of Alec Trevelyan - I think it's because of him I often want the villain to succeed in some films ... - and it was not only because of his style, but also because of the French dubbing, which is really awesome (more recently, I watched 1997's Austin Powers, and I eventually recognized Trevelyan's French voice ... but also Pierce Brosnan's ! Spotted ! :D)
After millions of times watching that film, and because I LOVE drawing, I wanted to draw my dear Alec, so that I searched pics of him. I found this comm ... and here I am, aiming to please.

So, "to make this post legal", here's one screencap from my personal collection :
Trevelyan screencap

I wish you a really nice day ;)
PS : Could someone tell me about Anna Karenina ? 'Cause French reviews are not so convincing ...
Oh, and please forgive my not-so-brilliant English ...

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