Heath (liars_dance) wrote in bean_daily,

World War 1 special

Sean is appearing in a World War 1 special on More4 this coming Saturday here in the UK. In the trailer last night he was reading poetry and looking gorgeous. I'm probably wrong, but this sounded like something new from what Channel 4 are saying on the website;

"The programming will also include specially-commissioned brand new (my emphasis) short films featuring some of Britain's finest actors reading war poetry from that period. In individual short films, to air throughout the evening, Sean Bean, Gemma Arterton, Sophie Okonedo and Stephen Graham will each read two poems by Siegfried Sasson, Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen."

The short films don't appear to be listed as separate programmes on Saturday so I have no idea when in the evening Sean will appear, but thought I'd alert you nonetheless :) And again, to make this legal...

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