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Hampstead Tree Lighting Ceremony

Photos from the tree lighting here - http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/lMEwOcVYTWH/Sean+Bean+Turns+Hampstead+Christmas+lights/Ij4sjkNAf24

Video here - http://youtu.be/6VX6quqW8Nk

And a short report -
We could see Sean lurking on the steps at the back of the mobile stage while Jon Culshaw did a quick comedy routine. He then introduced Sean who got a massive cheer and he was obviously quite taken aback at how big the crowd was. Said he hadn't been sure how many people would turn up. A lot, Sean! As you will see from official pics, he was looking very good. Smart casual clothes and a very neat haircut. Said his piece about the festival and thanked all the right people for making it happen. Then he, Jon, Shrek and Fiona all stood round a big wired button to put the lights on and there was a count down. It all worked and they do look lovely. The lights, I mean. :-) Then the photographers got them lined up for photos but made them stand with their backs to the audience. Sean twice apologised for this. He appreciated that this was not much fun for us and he felt rude doing it. Sweet man. There was a final song and Sean retreated to the back of the stage and then did a runner. Don't know where he went to. ...

To make this legal -

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