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Really Sad News

Dear Friends,

govi20 just called after seeing the lung specialist and sadly, she has had it confirmed that she has lung cancer and it has spread to her spine, hence the agonizing back pain. She asked me to let you all know and being Carol, apologizes for being unable to do it herself right now.

It is not curable and she & Jan now have to decide whether to elect for palliative chemotherapy, which may extend her life a little, but make her feel very sick. They have until next Wednesday to decide and will see the specialist again then.

She has morphine now, so hopes that when it kicks in she will be able to sit at the PC again and be around more.

Carol has been a good friend to me over the past eight years as well as my writing partner and we have become very close and have been lucky enough to meet up many times. Dave and I have also visited in Rotterdam and so we know Jan too. Words simply cannot adequately express how we feel.

Love, mooms xx


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