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Sharpe Week

So for the next few weeks I will be picking a movie/series per week and posting pics

This week Sharpe
First Season
 photo PDVD_356_zpsbb9107df.jpg  photo PDVD_089_zps3e0e17cf.jpg  photo PDVD_053_zps1ae0b695.jpg  photo PDVD_078_zps0fd27da7.jpg  photo PDVD_183_zpsecdef25c.jpg  photo PDVD_135_zpsae93475f.jpg  photo Sharpe9b_zpse609a215.jpg  photo Sharpedc2000_zpse808f08f.jpg photo PDVD_360_zpsffe14c5c.jpg photo PDVD_326_zpsc0be6313.jpg photo PDVD_187_zpseee6d56e.jpg photo PDVD_074_zps581e4e9c.jpg photo PDVD_027_zps6a678718.jpg

 photo SharpesEaglehr_zps782d43f3.jpg  photo Sharpe7b_zps51b7d0c2.jpg  photo Sharpe4a_zps31057bdb.jpg  photo Sharpe6cropped_zps80ae32b3.jpg  photo PDVD_373_zpsa9ebfcca.jpg  photo PDVD_350_zps41190fb2.jpg  photo PDVD_283_zps8b08e0fc.jpg  photo PDVD_277_zps00ae5549.jpg  photo PDVD_265_zpsdd885a23.jpg  photo PDVD_197_zps352f7704.jpg  photo PDVD_170_zpsb5e1cc63.jpg  photo PDVD_433_zps91965d88.jpg  photo PDVD_420_zpsda8a3639.jpg

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