openidwouldwork (openidwouldwork) wrote in bean_daily,

Sharpe's September

Do something Sharpe this September!

Watch the tv series, read the books, read fics, write fics, rec fics or pics you found... do anything, really... and tell us all about it!

Both look_sharpe and welovegovi would be happy to host your entries to have a Sharpe's September!

Govi is very much in my thoughts now, but as she is on the sick list herself, and neither Sgt. Harper and his maggots nor best brown paper will help her, I don't think posting at her Sharpe com is really a good idea... welovegovi would be a better choice to show your appreciation of her efforts in all things Sharpe.

So, Sharpe's September is a really basic idea, just do anything Sharpe - and tell us about it!

But I can not resist a little bit of a challenge for anyone who feels like it...

Whether you watched a movie, read a book or even a fic, choose ONE pic from / for it, post the pic and talk about why you chose that particular one! And no, the movies do not relate exactly to the books, we have artistic license!

So, as it's a couple of days till September, the order for now is: Caution – Prime and Load!

Crossposted to march over everyone's f-list to look_sharpe, welovegovi and bean_daily
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