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For Carol (Govi) Rest In Peace My Friend

I post with a heavy heart today as another light in our online community is extinguished

Winter Butterfly

A Fleeting glimpse dashed past my window on the world
Briefest blur of summer brightness
Gone as soon as it was given
Red mosaic wings against grey winter hues
A winter butterfly flutters on
Oblivious to its incongruity

Spied a bee yesterday
Its actions as rare and as delicate as the bloom it studied
Its brightness and lust for life will sadly be removed
As cold frost and northern breeze will have the last laugh
Wiped clean by seasonal indifference
Whilst we wait for the earth to be warmed by summer sun once more.

Louise Cooper-Gamson
(c) 9th December 2009

So here is one of Carol's favourite Sean Photoshoots

 photo i1493_zpsd225487f.jpg  photo h_zps06855fe6.jpg  photo g_zpsd5b2fa43.jpg  photo c_zps82b396ba.jpg  photo d_zps1716431b.jpg
 photo e_zps673f3482.jpg
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