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Enemy of Man - Sean's new Macbeth Film needs more funding!

Enemy of Man, the Macbeth adaption starring Sean Bean, on Kickstarter, needs funding help ...
Enemy of Man, the Shakespeare Macbeth adaption film by Vincent Regan and starring our own Sean Bean as Macbeth, needs a fresh source of ...
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Go to this site and pledge your help.  There are some super rewards... and by golly, if I can help Sean get his film of That Scottish Play made, then I'll bloody well run a marathon for him.

Please check this out and sponsor Sean for some goodies.  Tis a superb cast and should be a brilliant piece.

And to make this legal... Here is Sean in the Stage Play of *M******" by William Shakespeare.;in 2002.

Try this super link to TMB about his First Macbeth.   Incredible.

Macbeth arms Macbeth2 macbeth-rehearsal3
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