August 10th, 2004


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Hi, I'm having my summer-holiday (no work for three weeks!) so... a lot of time to search for Sean goodies...

This is what I found, I did not see them before, a lot of you may have seen them but... we never get tired of looking at Sean.. now do we ??

Four pictures !!

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Enjoy the pictures !!
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I've been productive lately and made 3 new 1024x768 wallpapers.This time-Sharpe.First time I do a wallpaper,without knowing the character or ever seeing the series.But Sharpe pics are impossible to ignore,so here are the results.Hope you enjoy:)


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here I am again my debut properly!

Hello again, everybody!
new member here, but long time swooner!

chanorli, thanks for the tips and the welcome! I'm from Italy and I've been drooling over admiring mr. Bean since I saw him ride into Rivendell in FotR. I remember sitting in the theatre completely stunned and awestruck. I did not know anything about the story back then so when he died at the end I was utterly devastated and bawling like a babe, but at the same time in total lust with the man.
And I still am!

And now, the obligatory pic:

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honestly, what would you do if he was looking at you like that?