August 21st, 2004



I was looking for a pic all day, and then I though:" why don't I ask the girls at Bean_Daily?"...

I'm looking for a :Black and white pics with Sean in a black top, and showing his tattoo "100% blade".
*and if anyone have some pics for Carver Donne,you'll make a girl happy ^_^.


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Shockheaded OTP by the_reverand
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Bravo Two Zero: Pic Spam 1

Reminder: No hotlinking, pleeeeeaaaase. Just right click and save.

I felt the urge to do some beancapping this weekend, so I decided to give Bravo Two Zero a shot. Hope you enjoy.

Note: These pix are in order, so they sort of tell the story of the movie. Just so's you know. And there are a lot of them. I didn't figure you'd mind. *g*

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