August 27th, 2004


*snif*... I have a "problem"

Hi fellow beanies !

I just saw "A womans Guide to Adultery" *guh* and I went looking for my pic of the "flowerpot"... You know... Sean standing naked in Hotel in Paris in front of a mirror...

BUT... SNIF... @$#$@#%^^^^#@# I can't find it anymore !!!!!!

Will one of you PLEASE post it again here ????

To make this legal... two other pics of Womans Guide to Adultery...

Collapse )

You'll be my FRIEND FOREVER if you post that pic for me !!!
*bats eyelashes*
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Look! Here's another photo! *giggle*
*sigh* all I can say is that he's one of the hottest men that walked this earth (I haven't seen 0.00001% of them, but I don't need to either, lol)!!! Eric Bana doesn't look too bad either. But still, no comparison between the two.

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