September 24th, 2004

Oxford - Radcliffe Camera

The Tattoo

Yesterday I got my 4 DVD-set of the Rifleman Harris-diaries and watched them all in a row. I asked Jason Salkey for an autograph. This was his answer: "I have run out of Harris photos, instead, I'm sending you a photo of Sean that I normally sell [mostly to Japan]." ^_^

There is a sticker on the backside that reads: "This photo was taken during the making of 'Sharpe's Gold' Sept. '94 on the Dimerdji set. Sean proudly shows off his 100% Blade tattoo as we get changed after filming."

This pic is (c) Jason Salkey, so don't post it somewhere else. Oh and no hotlinking please. Thanks!

Now girls, beware, another bare chested Sean behind the cut. ;)

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Oxford - Radcliffe Camera

The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris Part 1

Ok folks, here are the screencaps of the first episode. I'm afraid this will not be dial-up-friendly... The quality is not that good, but it gets better with the other episodes.
The Harris diaries are (c) of Jason Salkey. I made these caps for my LJ friends and communities only, so please don't post these pics on other websites. Thanks!
And now: have fun! :)

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