October 19th, 2004

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It's Bean day over at the RP!

Credit: From myth_adventure's website, fanzone50.com.
Warning: Not Work Safe. Not Dial-up Friendly. Excessive use of vulgarities for no particular reason whatsoever.

Behind the cut, there be...

1 picture of Pretty!Bean
3 pictures of Mellors - PreF**k, F**king and PostF**k. Brilliant.
2 pictures of Bean's Nipples
1 picture of Bean engaging in some light bondage. My kind of man obviously.

Worship the Golden Goodness that is Sean Bean...

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1D - Niall the hipster

101 Stupid Trivia about Sean Bean

OK, I still haven't heard from one last person about the Sharpe test so while we're waiting, here's another test that I cooked up for y'all.

You think you know the man with the blonde hair and green eyes? I say to you: take this test and see how well you know your Sean Bean facts from fiction. What say you?!?!?!

P.S. If you know where else I should post this sucka, please let me know. Thanks!!

Take the Challenge!!
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Can you help?

Those of you who subscribe to Viggo Daily will have seen a similar post by me over there earlier today.

I am looking for pretty pictures of our Sean's backside. Not to discourage you, but clothed please. At least some of them! :P Can you link me?

In exchange, I offer a couple of Boromirs. Really good ones. Best I can do. Weirdly, have very meagre SB collection on my hard drive.

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