October 29th, 2004

Darkness [charmicons]

__ [The.. Bottle of Gondor]

Hey there.

I just joined this fantabulous community and decided to post something funny and lighthearted.


Sorceress Idhren Enterprises Presents -

The Bottle of Gondor

The movie you've been all waiting for; a movie dedicated to Denethor's first-born son, Boromir of Gondor, played by Sean Bean.

'What's she talking about?', I hear you say.

Be patient, patience a virtue after all and look under the Collapse )

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Just because ...

There is no real reason other than me being in dire need of some Bean goodness ...
You've probably all seen it numerous times before, but there can't be enough Bean ever ;-)))

Smugness? Or more like *Where is the next rock to hide under?* or *Get me out of here!* ???
Sadly we'll never know ...
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