November 5th, 2004

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"The Dark" Update

According to, this is the official site of "The Dark": At the moment it only allows you to submit your email address for updates.

Also, according to MSN, "The Dark" will open in the US on December 25, 2004. Merry Christmas!

EDIT: Bloody Hell. I've just been informed that the information on MSN is wrong. :( Spring of 2005 is more like it.

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I posted some Odysseus Screencaps on my LJ, but I can't work out how to cross-post, so you'll just have to pay a wee visit to my LJ ;) Worth a look...I named one 'sweetcheeks'. Was meant to be Odysseus Thigh, but managed to get a tad more than that....drool, faint, thud!

ETA: thanks for the masses of advice on how to link this...are you somewhat keen to see these caps?

ETA: problem fixed...changed security to public.

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