November 6th, 2004


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Watched "Black Beauty" today. Only about 10 minutes of Bean (Wah!!) but my, oh, my, was he yummy in it! So gentle and sweet! Also in the movie was Lyndon Davies from "Sharpe" If you have kids this would be a great movie for them. A sampling under the cut. *Whinny!!*

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US Beanie Alert

Don't forget, Henry VIII, Sunday night on Masterpiece Theatre. Check your local listings, as you certainly don't want to miss this

Edit: Just a reminder that this is a two part series, with the second part being broadcast next Sunday.
shieldmatron just informed us that it is finally being released on DVD Region 1. You can preorder it at Amazon

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Looking for a specific pic...

OK, my computer wallpaper is this HAWT pic of Sean, but sometimes I want a little variety, but I do NOT want to lose my Sean pic. It's VERY similar to Collapse ), but in mine, he is looking a little more up and his mouth isn't peeping open. I got that pic I just showed from the "full of beans" site, and it's the closest to mine I've found. I can't recall if I got my pic from here, or another Sean-loving group, but I thought you guys could really help! In my pic, there is a little red scrolly-looking tag in the bottom left corner, so I am thinking that is by whomever "fixed" that! I need to get a copy of that pic to my photobucket account so that I can occasionally swap my pics around!