November 14th, 2004

no blonds by mediocrechick animated

Too much of a good thing... ( X-posted all over! )

... is still a good thing !

Last evening I realized I hit 1000th objects on my SB folder.

So I stripped all the sounds and movies and other texts and kept only the pictures.

820 !

since my old server broke, I managed to "borrow" space and bandwitdh from a friend for 48h ( could have been 72, but that last hand of poker was really bad! ) .

So, Without further delay, I present you my 820 Beanies !


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BTW, that pic spam there ? Everything was stolen! NOT MINE! not taking credit, some of you might recognize pics you have posted that I grabbed, well THANK YOU! and if you don't want me to host your stuff, everything is coming down in two days! Am just a thief...a Bean thief...


Even though he was only in this movie for about 10 minutes, (sob!) as always he turned in a memorable performance. Here are just a few pretties for your enjoyment.

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