December 27th, 2004


Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but if all the Bean fans in the UK check their TV guides over the bank holiday, "Pride" is showing on Monday 27th (18:35 BBC1 I believe), and there's a documentary on it on Monday at 14:00 on BBC1, and then another behind the scenes-style documentary on Tuesday. Shame I'm working, but at least 2 VCRs are already set! :S

Just to make this legal (sorry it's a repeat, but I'm still d/ling software to my Xmas pressie, one programme being my web editor :S).

title or description

Sadly I didn't get him (yet!) *sigh*...

KuwtieBunny x
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Harry Potter - Gryffindor

The Tongue...

I work in a movie theatre, and one of the few good things about that is that I get to sit in on movies during my breaks. Over the last few weeks I have been taking full adantage of that. I took me 6 days to make it all the way through 'National Treasure' once. But I'm not complaining. ;)

Anyway, point. During this time I have noticed that Sean just can't keep his tongue in his mouth. I find this to be one of his many endearing qualities. And since you ladies and gents aren't as lucky as I (though I don't doubt that the many many hours of video you all own doesn't more than make up for it) I thought I'd share a little of Sean and his questing tongue. Enjoy!

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Bit 'O Pic Spam - Bravo Two Zero Pt1

Was I the only one who liked the torture scenes? *snickers* Oops, my fetish is showing *tucks it back in.*

Anywho, (without the fluffy yellow towel ones, since they've already been posted) here are some shots that I got from the Dvd, sans torture. Probably not dial-up friendly as they're big, but give it a go anyway. Enjoy :)

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