January 23rd, 2005

In Search Of...

Okay ladies, I'm requesting a little aid. I need to find a good 'dreamy' Sean pic. Not one that makes you go all dreamy (cause don't they all?), but one where he's kinda dreamy...spacy, daydreaming, introspective, you get the picture, I hope (actually, I hope I get the picture). I'd prefer color if at all possible, but I'll take b&ws. Profiles are good too, yes yes. Only catch is it CAN'T be from a movie/tv show or papparazzi (ooo, I wonder if the commercials are fair game *ponders*). Though they didn't say it couldn't be from behind the scenes and right now, I have several good possibilities of Sharpe in profile. *le sigh* I've gone through all my folders and very few Sean pics that I have fit this description...he's just so...intense...wooo. *fans self* Because of this innate intensity, I think most pictures where he's looking at the camera and basically drops us are out. But if you think it fits, post away! :D

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