February 13th, 2005


yet another annoying newbie...

Hi everyone! I've been drooling over watching this community for a while and decided it's time to join now. So here I am, live and in color, bringing to you... my very first icons:

umpteenth edit:

reasonable size - reasonable quality - I think I finally got it! Plus 2 other icons! (Okay, third one's not exactly the newest idea but I just *had* to do one of those)

-) In case anyone likes it, just grab it and run along, no need to credit as long as you don't hotlink!
-) Pictures for the icons taken from www.bean-box.com and www.compleatseanbean.com - the rest is googled up
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Okay, ladies. This weekend, I was working on (and finished) a fic. Midway through, I was trying to explain why I was stuck on a certain...part...to a friend. See below the cut to find out what was distracting me. I figured, why not share this delectable piece of loveliness? We've seen it before, but who cares? ^_^

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