February 26th, 2005

jan toorop

It is my duty as a beanstalker to inform you all....

In honour of the caravaggio exhibition at the national gallery in london (I am SO going!!) they're selling the film with our lush lad on the online shop here....
Please buy it - it rules. Ranuccio is infinitely droolworthy and oh-so-cute-and-evil and spends most of the film wearing nowt but a teatowel. And it's not a very big teatowel, either.

And to make this legal (as if i'm not spoiling you enough), here he is in action with his lover-boy...

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Hello. I'm Laura. I'm a resident lurker here at Bean Daily. I have watched the community, but never joined. Mostly because all the pictures I ever find, they're usually already here first? Rofl.

I'm trying to hunt down a picture and I need help? I was told that there is a picture of Sean, talking at a function to Gabriel Byrne, showing that Sean and Byrne know each other? Have any of you ever seen any pictures of Bean and Byrne together??

And, to make this post a proper post, one of my favorite pictures of Collapse )
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