March 29th, 2005

Chlamon RL

Beanie Goodness

Okay, so here's a little something you've got mynuet and jlw_67 to thank for. A WALLPAPER, folks. Just right-click and save as background and you'll have Beanie Boy at your exposal 24/7. Now, doesn't that sound... nice? [wiggles brows enticingly]


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Hello Ladies... I been lurking here for a while.... I have finally figured out how to put pictures in!! I hope... Fingers crossed... Here is my fav for the moment... If only to stare into those gorgeous dreamy eyes.... GAWKKKQMNDKJXDNSCDNSWXDN.... enjoy!! I am....

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Does anyone know where I can get a decent set of screencaps from The Storyteller. I've seen a couple dotted around but I want a decent set. I love Prince Beanie. I'd wake him up from an enchanted sleep any time ;)

Here's a pic to make this legal

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