April 15th, 2005

jan toorop

Pic request...

I wanted to make myself a new icon, one with my precious Ranuccio. The picture I'm looking for is from the 'blood brothers' scene in Caravaggio where Michele runs his bloodied fingers down Ranuccio's face. Except in all the ones I've seen, his face is entirely covered by the hand, or you can't see the hand at all. I want it in between, so you can see Ran's eyes and a bit of his face but also Michele's fingers. Visible blood is also good. I'm very particular, aren't I? To sweeten the deal, as always... Collapse )
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sleeping kitty

My First Entry Here!

I have been lurking here for a long time and have finally joined your wonderful community.  To commemorate my friend Barb's birthday I did a small pic spam for her of the ever lovely bearded/scruffy (but clean!) Sean Bean.  I know you've all seen these before (and some have come from here so thanks!) but he's worth the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) look don't you think?


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Presents for my Beanies:)

Since today has been somewhat less tiring for me, I decided to look for Beans:) This is what I found...

(Take a look at the thumbnails, and then click the links to be transferred to the bigger pics, I couldn't post them all here, it would be massively dial-up unfriendly!)

Bean Heaven!....


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