April 16th, 2005

bai fan
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Sean the artist....

UPDATE pt. 2: apparently my source was wrong - Sean was not the artist that did the paintings in 'T&T' - though he was an art student and has painted and has even sold a few paintings... oh well sorry for the misinformation folks...

UPDATE: for those that asked - I can't find the source that said that Sean did the paintings - so just to be fair - I BELIEVE that he did them.... I could be wrong - but I distinctly recall when I read that fact thinking how much like Viggo it was...

I love that Sean did the paintings that his character Paul Sheppard did in 'Tom & Thomas'...

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Would anyone be interested in joining a community purely for posting and requesting Sean Bean icons? I'm considering creating one but only if I think people will want to use it

Here's a pic to make this legal

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