April 17th, 2005

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Hi, I am new here and I have a little present for you because it's Sean's birthday today! (The photo has been taken by a friend of me who met him at the premiere of NT in London)

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a birthday treat...

in honor of Sean's birthday (a day we're all grateful for ;)....

I've finished capping Tom & Thomas.

I know we keep saying it, but that man is so damned gorgeous it's dangerous to do this sort of project... he's distracting, he makes me drool, he makes me forget to breathe....

anyway here are a sampling of the caps... warning not dialup friendly...
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Happy Birthday!

Just have to say...Happy forty-sex'th birthday, sixy! ;) He gets better looking with every year that passes...And I didn't think he could look any better when I first saw him!

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I'm little! I'll fit (a la Marilyn Monroe) into the b'day cake!! ;)


KuwtieBunny x
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B-Day Today!

I wanted to wish our beloved Sean a very happy birthday, may his children grow to be as lovely as their daddy, may his career improve with the minute, and may the year of 2005 bring him an Oscar so we can celebrate with him his great victory:)

Happy Birthday Most Gorgeous Man In The Universe!!

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In honor of Sean's Birthday (almost over here), I thought I'd post one of my favorite pictures of Sean. I just love his expression. I don't remember where I got it. How does one go about taking off the "Arkkive" mark though?

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