April 23rd, 2005


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This was not an easy desision, but.. I am shutting down full-of-beans.net.

I just can't afford the bandwidth it uses each month, and one of my sites had to go. Since it's basically an archive, guess what... I will try to move content in and out of my site, kind of like a feature per month, but some of these files are huge, and people are hotlinking them, direct downloading and not saving them to their harddrives. Very annoying.

My sites are staying, I don't mind keeping up mythicdesigns with the Xena, SG-1 & LoTRs content, as well as Jedi Warrior. But, Full of Beans is just a bandwidth hog. Plus, I have my own Sean site already, so I'll see what I can move over. The domain will just forward to my Sean/Sharpe site until it expires in 2007.

I will have it backed up if you need anything, and a lot of the Boromir content will be moved to my site. We'll see if I can fit all that Sharpe content too.

The other thing is now with bean-box and a few others, the majority content is readily available online.

Let me know if you all need anything from the site.

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Sean parkway

Well I think there's gonna be some sign-stealing going on during midnight hours.  We were out for a drive on our way home from dinner and noticed "Sean parkway" very close to where we live.  Maybe I should send out some neighborhood joovies to "borrow" that sign for me.  It would look way cool in my office, dontcha think?  :)

First post to the Daily-hope I've done this right!  :)


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I'm considering buying Ronin and Essex Boys. Are they any good? Aside from having Beanie in them I mean?

And here's a pic of Ian Howe. Flavour of the month with me at the moment, and I haven't even seen National Treasure yet

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