May 12th, 2005

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Article Date: April 25, 2005 | Author: Kristi Simonson
I had the opportunity to attend the Biola Media Conference this Saturday and preview the teaser trailer (only 90% complete) for the movie. It looks amazing. After the showing, we were able to ask questions of executives from Disney. Here are some things I learned:
[Untrue] Brian Cox will not be playing the voice of Aslan...Actors who have auditioned for the voice of Aslan include Gerard Butler, Timothy Dalton, SEAN BEAN, and Ralph Fiennes. Possibly also Ian McKellan. So far, Andrew Adamsom has not approved a voice. The voice casters have decided to go for a younger voice for Aslan than originally thought.
The movie will reportedly be faithful to the book, largely due to the influence of Douglas Gresham, Lewis' stepson. The teaser trailer will be released on May 7th.
The trailer will accompany Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (almost certain).
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A fantasy drabble

A little fiction inspired by Mr. Bean.

Title: Green eyes

By: Arny

Archive at Moonlight, please...


Green eyes.

The noise of the crowd receded from me as I felt myself drawn to
them. Not just any pair of green eyes, but ones that sparkled with

It was obvious their owner was up to something because his lips were
twisted in self amusement. He stepped over to me and asked in a soft
Yorkish voice, "Would you like to see it with me, luv?"

I nodded shyly.

He lifted the red cord and I slipped under it. He gently took my
hand. He escorted me up the red carpet amid the flash bulbs and
shouted questions.


And to make it legal...
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