June 8th, 2005


seven deadly sins

Well, hello there!

And also this time I couldn't resist the temptation of torturing this community with my icons. And talking about torture...

the seven beanish deadly sins

To tell you straight away, I absolutely don't like the way they look. But I liked the sds theme very much so I decided to post them anyway so they might inspire one of those more talented icon-makers out there. ^_^;

So... once again sorry and have a nice day,


Edit: Oh, in case you want one or more, feel free to take whichever you like!
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He'll always be my King of Hearts....

...but the 007 James Bond "Heroes & Villains" has our favourite baddie as the 3 of spades. *sigh*

Alec Card

(Yes, I was sad enough to buy the pack on the off-chance that he was in it....I can't even play cards!! :S).

xXx Kuwtie xXx
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    Michael Buble - "Home". The man's a genius...*swoon*