June 26th, 2005


Admin & Sean pic 6-26

Lord help me... someone emailed me and told me that someone posted a porn comment here in the community.

I don't see the post, but if this ever happens, just hit me with a comment on my LJ or email me at rohandove@ livejournal.com. Looks like the poster's account was deleted, and I don't see the post here. Did anyone see the message? I can't find it now...

For those that did, I apologize for not catching it. If you follow my personal LJ you will what I had been up to the past 4 days, re uploading my entire site!


At any rate, here is some Sean from the newly uploaded site:

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Much better I think....

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It's the first time I'm posting here, I've lurked for so long now
I feel bad because I have never posted myself.
No idea if this will work so please please forgive me if it doesn't!!!
Don't really know how to post pictures or use lj-cuts - sorry!! Stupid me!

Just wanted to know if anybody has met Sean at the Primrose
Festival yesterday!???

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