July 20th, 2005

bai fan
  • pfyre

"The Island"... my reactions


first of all let me thank the deities for my little brother's generosity in giving me the free pass to the early screening....

second let me just add a million thank yous to the deities that Sean was definitely a major part in this film - just behind Ewan, Scarlett and Djimon - while I could wish for more Sean (i.e. wishing for him in the LEAD) he definitely had a role he could chew on in this film

third let me thank the deities for Sean - his talent and his looks - damn that man never looked so good as a villain - damn that man plays the most believable villains... sigh

WARNING! SPOILERS FOR 'THE ISLAND' - if you don't want to know details on the movie before you see it - do NOT read past the Collapse )