August 1st, 2005


Beanie Tongue

Help please! A while ago my computer crashed, taking every single Beanie-Tongue pic I had with it.... I am in desperate need of a few and was wondering if anyone could assist me.
I hope this meets the requirements, but if it does not, please accept my apologies and delete. Thank you for your idulgences.

full-of-beans news (hopefully good)

Okay, I think I have some room for full-of-beans now on my server. I recently switched providers for websites and it's a very large account. So I am going to try and upload about 80% of the site and see what happens. :)

Hopefully the bandwidth will be under control, if not I'll trade things in and out depending on how heavily they are used.

In the meantime, the domain will be screwy until it propagates to the new server, hang in there!

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Hey Bean-lovers!
I'm new and I've been searching for a picture that shows his scar above his eye. I know there's lots of pictures like that but I can never see the scar. Can someone give me a picture and point out where the scar looks like?